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The NGO CARAIVAVIVA was created in 2009 to offer children and adolescents in Caraíva, the oldest village in Brazil, an education through the arts and give them the opportunity to approach life in better conditions.

Caraiva is a small community of only 700 inhabitants located in the extreme south of Bahia, on the coast of Descobrimento. Because of its difficult access, Caraíva preserved the beauty of its natural landscapes. However, the same isolation that preserved the village also made it deficient in essential services and areas of social development, accessibility, economy, health, education and culture.

20 workshops for 110 children and adolescents from Caraíva

In 2018 CARAIVAVIVA offers 20 permanent workshops for 110 children and adolescents from 4 to 17 years. The program begins with the reading workshop to assess the learner's learning level and guide him to appropriate workshops for his or her development.


Ballet - Fine Arts - Theater - Percussion - Guitar - Singing - Contemporary Dance - Capoeira - Painting - Audiovisual - Cinema - Language - Literacy - Music initiation - English - Motricity Yoga - Informatics - Handicrafts - Environmental Preservation - Critical and Fun Group - Group Young People - Rights and Duties.

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