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Casa Amarela Classes

Free creation and artistic expression workshop using different tools and techniques for painting, drawing, modeling, and reuse of materials discarded as waste
3 Classes for 56 students

Learning the "digital world", teaching basic tools of computer and internet communication
4 Classes for 52 students

Drama and musical theater workshop
2 Classes for 36 students

Language learning as a communication tool and for tourism service
7 Classes for 84 students

Sewing workshop

2 classes for 11 students


Embroidery workshop
2 classes for 26 students

Guitar workshop

1 class for 12 students

Football  as a source of discipline, group strengthening and promoting welfare
 2 classes for 24 students

Artistic and cultural expression with the strengthening of local identity through the elements of Capoeira
2 classes for 21 students

Percussion workshop

1 class for 10 students

Language workshop
2 classes for 28 students

Boxing workshop
2 classes for 20 students

Audiovisual, filming, editing and production workshop
1 class for 10 students

Drawing workshop

3 classes for 20 students

Youth group discussions.
1 class for 20 students

Movement and body games coordinated with music and rhythm
2 classes for 31 students

Dance workshop

3 classes for 32 students


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